Grant Rounds

Applications for Grant Round 7 are closed. The deadline for activity completion is 30 June 2024.

Applications for Grant Round 8 will be accepted between 28 February – 15 April 2024, for activities taking place from 1 July – 31 December 2024.

Applications for Grant Round 9 will be accepted between 30 August – 15 October 2024, for activities taking place from 1 January – 30 June 2025.

Applicant Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an SRSA grant you must live and work in a regional, rural or remote area (classified as Modified Monash Model 2-7) and be:

  • A (non-GP) specialist
  • An Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander specialist trainee; or
  • A specialist international medical graduate under assessment

CPD Activity Criteria

CPD activities must:

  • Be undertaken in Australia or New Zealand
  • Take place within the time frame specified for each funding round
  • Be from providers that are nationally accredited or recognised
  • Meet individual specialist medical college CPD program frameworks
  • Be directly relevant to the applicant’s current employment in a regional, rural, or remote area of Australia
  • Benefit the community/ies served by the applicant
  • Align with the applicant’s learning needs

Selection Criteria

Grant applications are assessed against the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of relevance of the CPD activity to identified healthcare needs of the community/ies the applicant serves
  • Demonstration of relevance of the CPD activity to the applicant’s individual educational needs and ability to reduce professional isolation
  • Demonstration of appropriate educational principles in the application to enable key knowledge/skills attainment and transfer
  • Ability for the CPD activity contribute to sustainable changes in practice
  • Rurality of an applicant’s main practice (regional, rural, and remote focus)
  • The type of CPD activity and its relative cost effectiveness / value
  • The length of time the applicant has worked in a rural location

Grant Round Process

During the application window, applicants must:

  • Review the Funding Round Guidelines to ensure they, and their nominated activity, are eligible
  • Complete and submit the online grant application form

Please contact us if you have any questions about your application or need assistance.

The SRSA Program Management Unit reviews all applications for eligibility and conducts a preliminary ranking of applications against the assessment criteria.

The SRSA Assessment Panel, made up of specialists and staff of specialist medical colleges with relevant experience and expertise, reviews all eligible applications against the criteria and determines the final list of grant recipients.

The Program Management Unit (PMU) will email all applicants to let them know of their outcome.

Grant recipients will be sent the SRSA Terms and Conditions to be electronically signed and emailed back to the PMU.

Unsuccessful applicants can contact the PMU to ask for more information about why they were not awarded a grant.

Grantees must nominate an individual bank account to which grant funds will be transferred. Grant recipients then complete their approved CPD activity within the time frame specified for that grant round.

Following completion of their CPD activity, grant recipients must submit evidence of activity completion (e.g., certificate of attendance) and a signed financial declaration. These documents must be submitted within one month of the activity’s end date.