Eligibility & Application Criteria

The following medical practitioners are eligible to apply for SRSA funding:

  • Fellow of a Specialist Medical College* (SMC) or their Faculty;
  • Staff specialist;
  • Specialist practitioner in an Area of Need position; or
  • International Medical Graduates undertaking SMC College requirements for specialist recognition via the Australian Medical Council Specialist Assessment Pathway;


The SRSA program has transitioned from the ASGC-RA to the Modified Monash Model (MMM), as the geographical rating system for determining rural and remoteness of grant applicants.

Eligible applicants must live and work in areas determined using the Modified Monash Model (MMM) system categories MM2 to MM7.

Selection Criteria

Individual CPD grant applications will be assessed against the following selection criteria:

  • Demonstration of identified need at ‘local’ level with respect to identified healthcare needs in context of individual educational needs.
  • Location; rural and remote focus.
  • Demonstration of appropriate educational principles to enable key knowledge/skills attainment and transfer.
  • Ability to integrate learning to a wider context and to demonstrate sustainable changes in practice.
  • Relative ‘cost effectiveness’ / ‘value’.
  • Ability to reduce isolation.
  • Demonstrated hardship or difficulty in participating in approved CPD activities.

Funding Round Process

Funding Round Process | Support for Rural Specialists in Australia (SRSA)


  • review the relevant Funding Round guidelines to ensure eligibility.
  • ensure that their proposed CPD activity or event meets the relevant Funding Round application requirements.
  • download and complete the relevant SRSA Funding Round Application Form for submission to the SRSA PMU.
  • The Project Management Unit (PMU) establish a cross Specialist Medical College (SMC) assessment panel to review all individual CPD grant applications against the selection criteria.
  • The assessment panel determine the final list of approved individual CPD grant applications.
  • Successful and unsuccessful grant applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by the SRSA PMU.
  • Successful grant recipients will be sent the SRSA Terms and Conditions to be signed and returned to the PMU
  • Grant recipients complete or attend their approved CPD activity or event within the designated Funding Round timeframe.
  • Grant recipients ensure they keep records / receipts of all expenditure related to their approved CPD activity.
  • Once grant recipients have completed their CPD activity they will complete the online evaluation survey.
  • Grant recipients submit copies of all their records / receipts to the CPD expenditure to the PMU.
  • PMU verifies the receipts and approves funds to be reimbursed to the grant recipient’s nominated bank account.