To be eligible for an SRSA grant you must live and work in a regional, rural or remote area (classified as Modified Monash Model 2-7) and be:

  • A (non-GP) specialist
  • An Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander specialist trainee; or
  • A specialist international medical graduate under assessment

Grants are available up to $10,000 per person, per round.

No. Grant funds cannot be split between multiple activities unless they are directly related (e.g., a workshop held in conjunction with a conference). Applications for multiple activities will not be considered.

CPD activities can only be completed in Australia or New Zealand.

Unfortunately, no. All CPD activities must be requested prospectively and completed within the 6-month activity window.

Yes. However, in-person or blended CPD activities may be prioritised over fully online courses. This is because of the extra networking and peer support opportunities that they provide.

You can apply for all forms of CPD that align with medical college requirements and can be completed within the 6-month activity window. This includes, but is not limited to: clinical placements, mentoring, peer review, workshops, courses, conferences and meetings.

To increase your chances:

  • Apply for more active learning, such as a clinical placement or peer review
  • Make the benefits of the CPD activity to your learning goals and the community/ies you serve clear

Requests for SRSA grants often exceed the funding available. If you miss out, please re-apply during the next round. Two funding rounds are offered per year.

Successful applicants will receive their grant funds within six weeks of accepting SRSA’s letter of offer.

You are required to submit the following to SRSA within one month of attending your CPD activity:

  • Evidence of completion (e.g., certificate)
  • Financial declaration